Daily Archives: May 1, 2008

moving on…?




I left my purse, money and keys at my apartment today.  I couldn’t get my cappuccino before work..I was so pissed and had a terrible day at work because of it.  Also, Tom still has my only spare keys to the apartment so I had to call him and feel stupid asking for my keys back.  Really, he should have given me the keys back right after we had broken up…..right?  He should have boxed up my things, like the silver necklace which I am sure is still sitting on his dresser, as well as my apartment keys, and given it all back to me.  That’s what I do…I need to move on, so I box those things up and go on with my life.  

On a much better note, today I was I was reminded of my good friend Amy.  Amy was my best friend all through college and I was the maid of honor in her wedding last August.  Amy just sent me a Birthday card from her and Joe.  It was really sweet and it got me super excited for my birthday party on Thursday!  I can’t wait to have everyone over and celebrate!  We are going to have a great time!!  See you all tomorrow!