Daily Archives: May 3, 2008

chillable red…

So Diane didn’t show up for her own birthday party. Apparently she was locked out and decided she would blame it all on Tom instead of just coming home and ringing the bell since she knew I was here. She burst in hours later as I was cleaning up the cake, glasses of wine, and putting the few things back I was able to use from my boxes. She was ranting and raving about how she just needed closure from Tom and demanded he box her stuff up so she could move on. She kept repeating, “that’s what I do, I box things up and go on with my life” as she frantically paced through the apartment and I finished taping up one of the boxes she so neatly packed for me…hmmm.

She’s nuts.

Regardless, it was a great party and I’m sad she missed it. Everyone asked for her, but it was empty concern, I could tell. It was her party therefore they had to ask. Maybe it’s how fast she goes through people that no one really gets too close to her. She has created a force field of emotion and intimacy, never letting anyone of quality get too close to her because then she’ll really care and then she’ll really get hurt.

She claims to have too much drama in her life, but it’s so obvious to me…she’s the one writing the script.