“The work of art may thus consist of a formal arrangement that generates relationships between people, or be born of a social process; I have described this phenomenon as ‘relational aesthetics,’ whose main feature is to consider interhuman exchange an aesthetic object in and of itself.” – Nicolas Bourriaud, Post Production

Like Churchill’s War Rooms, the apartment is a frozen moment of my present, each object and it’s placement become crumbs in the trail of my lived life. The contents vomit out that which define me when i am not present to define myself. I become the artifact, the ghost, the soul of the space. This is where the conversation begins.

A mug of coffee half full (empty? nah…full) sits on the desk. A list of “to dos” only half accomplished. Dishes in the sink. Stale milk in the fridge. An unmade bed. It has become a place I sleep. Where I hang things, significant things to remind me that i once had/ still do have a life. Fragments of time. Frozen moments. Sentimental scraps. It all collects to create a vision of life.

Every other weekend for the next three months a new artist will move into my apartment and produce an installation based on their experience within the space. They will contemplate my space, my four walls, my existence as well as their own. Just as my objects spew information out to them, they in turn, push back and continue the conversation with me and my space.

After each installation, I will live in the space and document the experience through images and live-feed video. What was once vernacular becomes decorative. But it’s all decorative – from the clothes we wear, to the company we keep. Like language, it’s all just another attempt towards communication. So the conversation continues. The goal here is to re-evaluate how we interpret each other’s idiosyncrasies, habits, as well as how we define our space as “home”. Basically – how we dwell.

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  1. Hi Megan,
    I just interviewed Magnolia Laurie for We Make It Art and she said you might be interested in conducting and submitting some artist interviews for the site. Take a look and let me know if you are interested. I love your project, by the way!

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